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Yueda brand Welding Horizontal Turntable

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Product Description

               Yueda brand Welding Horizontal Turntable


Product description:

Welding Horizontal Turntable is mainly used for welding and assembling parts, it makes the workpiece in the best welding or assembly position by rotation. It greatly improve the quality of welding, at the same time can reduce the number of work handling, reduce the labor intensity of workers, quickly improve the labor efficiency.

Features and advantages: 
1. Different welding positioner with load capacity from 200kg to 20Ton.
2. With pedestal structure, and the worktable adopts AC frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, with uniform rotation speed and no crawling, meet the requirement of welding workpiece for the speed of rotation.
3. The frame is made of section steel and steel plate, with reasonable structural design and good bending and torsion resistance.
4. The work table surface is a circular structure, which is processed with equidistant concentric circles. The radial T-slot (T-bolt) is processed on the table, which is convenient for alignment of workpiece and easy to install all kinds of positioning and clamping tools or customized worktable structure to meet client's requirement.
5. A conductive device is installed under the work table to form a good conductive circuit of welded ground wire, so as to avoid over-electricity of rotary support, which will affect its service life.
6. Equipped with different control modes: electric control cabinet, pendent control or remote control.
7. Electrical components are famous brands at home and abroad, using frequency stepless speed control, high operating accuracy, smooth operation, with multiple protection functions such as overvoltage, over current, overload, overheating, etc.
Main parameters of Welding Horizontal Turntable:
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                        Main parameters of Welding horizontal turntable 

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